Swimming in the Sand

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    1 .. Swimmer In The Sand        

2 .. Angel Of March       

3.. Holy Wolf Suite        

4 .. I Am Still Searching        

5 .. Evelyn        

6 .. The End        



Swimming In The Sand
- the best of Arcansiel 1988-2004

by: Paolo Baltaro Gianni Opezzo Sandro Marinoni Barbara Rubin Kristian Mellergaard Hansen with: Diego Marzi, Enrico Caruso, Liana Attimonelli, Marco Fantin, Alo Sogno, Marco Cavallo, Alberto Mandarini. Recorded at KMP Castle Studios - Vercelli (Italy), september 2003 to january 2004 Produced and enginereed by Paolo Baltaro - thanks to Roberto Vernetti and Mario Scrivano. Mastered by Claudio Andreolli - Das Ende Der Dinge studio. Cubes by Rui Leonardes - Royal College of Art (London) Photos: Nadia Bedendo Cavriani - bus stop photo: P. Baltaro -Credits: Marco Galletti, Elvin Betti, Alessandro Bianchi, Vera Bardelli Perinati, Gaia Chiesa, Marina Bianchi Remus, Carla Crosio Malpangotto, Andrea Garavelli, Matteo Baltaro, Poldo Marinoni. Marcello Chiaraluce, Ivano Gruarin, Michela Cucco.


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