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Il ritorno del grande bluesman argentino GABRIEL DELTA che pubblica per l'etichetta italo-olandese Banksville Records il suo nuovo lavoro discografico. Uno stile inconfondibile che coniuga Blues elettrico con atmosfere latine, con la produzione di Paolo Baltaro e un casting di tutto rispetto, in parte proveniente dalla sua antica formazione, the Hurricanes, come il fratello Fernando Conejo alla batteria, con l'aggiunta del pianista torinese Padox e lo stesso Paolo Baltaro al basso. Un ritorno alle origini e allo stesso tempo un grande passo in avanti, un disco che riassume tutto di un fiato lo stile compositivo e la verve chitarristica di Gabriel Delta. che dopo aver raccolto grandi consensi in terra natale si rivolge ora al pubblico europeo all'insegna di una infinita fede nel linguaggio Blues e di messaggi di grande profondità nei testi, rigorosamente in lingua inglese.

The universality of the Blues is thus proven: Gabriel lives the Blues as a language to communicate in the world of music, either writing his own songs, which he sings in Spanish or English, or providing original versions of old chestnuts.
Gabriel is a composer, singer and powerful guitar player who keeps on attracting both the audience and specialized press with his CDs and live performances. He is an eclectic musician who is in constant motion and growth.
He possesses a special and personal style since he manages to combine the tradition of the genre together with a modern sound, expressing himself through an acoustic guitar as in an electric band.
When he plays acoustically, he is closer to the origins and roots of this music. Open tunings, slide guitars and finger-picking style make for a highly intensive and emotional concert.
Gabriel Delta’s show is very powerful: Blues is mixed with funky, swing, jump,. R&B and Latin rhythms, so that their very exciting show becomes a real party.
Born in Buenos Aires, he received his first guitar from his parents at the age of ten His approach to the blues began at age 16 when he first listened to BBKing which changed his musical quest radically. In 1994 he met the King of the Blues in person; an encounter that left him a significant teaching as well as a signature in his guitar.
Since then, he has been devoted to learning and improving his knowledge of the various styles and sounds within .
In 1990 together with Fernando, his brother . founded the band Los Delta Blues and with them he released 5 CDs, performing a lot of concerts all over the country.
The Living Blues Magazine wrote:
From Argentina Los Delta play the blues in pretty much the same style as any number of contemporary American bands.. The band has no trouble at all with the musical language of the blues. JDK. Living BluesMagazine 1999.
In 2001 he presented his CD Poker de Ases in the Chicago Blues Festival receiving excellent critics from musicians such as Billy Branch, Ronnie Backer Brooks and Shirley Dixon and Mr Bruce Illaguer, director of Alligator Records. The magazine Blues Review considered him “ an excellent guitar player”.
When in 2003 Gabriel moved from Buenos Aires to Italy, where he continues his career as Gabriel Delta with his full brother,the drummer Fernando "el Conejo" playing in Major Festivals and clubs Where he has the opportunity to share the stage with great musicians such as: B.B.King, Taj Mahal, The Blues Brothers Band, Tony Coleman, Chris Duarte, Tom Principato, Larry Mc Cray, Roy Rogers, Watermelon Slim, Otis Grand and many others. His very energetic spirit,
characteristic Latin touch and personal musical style allowed him to settle in a short time in the European market.