Do Not Disturb
Released by Banksville Records -2008 (6796268), produced by Banksville Records,  Distribution:  BTF (Europe) Cdbaby (Usa) and Banksville
CD and high quality vinyl LP in the same combo box. Rewave System


  Euro 15 (+bonus cd)

Also available on MASTER REEL and CASSETTE 

Mhmm - Do Not Disturb

"DO NOT DISTURB", the new record of MHMM, is defined from the creators themselves as a "Blues Core" record, with the intention of re-defining the typical language of rock-blues with their personal style. Mhmm Blues Band consists of: Paolo Baltaro, Gianni Opezzo, Sandro Marinoni, whom have already been together in the Arcansiel, with Boris Savoldelli in some tracks.

The record sees many guests as Kiko Cioccoloni, Roger Balfour, Barbara Rubin, Luigi Ranghino and Mitch Maloney. Recorded between Vercelli (Kmp Castle Studios) and London (KinkyMalinky Studios) "Do Not Disturb" has been produced by Paolo Baltaro and arranged by Paolo Baltaro and Gianni Opezzo. Songs are preceded by the voice of Londoner Roger Balfour, who leads the listener to the idea of a concept album set in a smoky bar between whiskey and beer, where he describes occasional customers from behind his bar.