PAOLO BALTARO - The Day After the Night Before

Banksville Records (KMP 1602), produced by Banksville Records and Andrea Bonizzi
Distribution: CdBaby / Banksville Distribution
- VINYL LP 180 gr.

12 Euro

  Also available on MASTER REEL and CASSETTE


A trip between the atmospheres of progressive and trip hop.
Drunk is a Progressive Rock with Trip Hop venatures album, with the hoarse and warm voice of Simone Baldini Tosi.
Introvert, Dark, Moody. Recalls from the 70'ies as from the 90'ies, in a mix of featurings, and many musicians from Progressive and Trip Hop.

A project of Andrea Bonizzi. With Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Angelo Bruschini, (Massive Attack), Paolo Baltaro (The Pillheads, S.A.D.O.) and Simone Baldini (Moongarden).

Composers: Andrea Bonizzi & Simone Baldini Tosi
Voice: Simone Baldini Tosi
Bass: Colin Edwin
Guitars: Paolo Baltaro
Keyboards & Synths: Andrea Bonizzi
Drums: Enrico Truzzi
Drums writing: James Hester
Lyrics: Frank Fuzz
Again & Drunk Lyrics: Andrea Bonizzi
Additional Drums: James Hester
Additional Bass: Filippo Vannini
Additional Guitars: Andrea Bonizzi
Again Voice: Andrea Bonizzi
Voice recording: Andrea Bonizzi
Drums recording: Marco Nicoli
Guitar recordings: Paolo Baltaro
Bass recordings: Colin Edwin
Drunk production: Angelo Bruschini
Producer: Andrea Bonizzi
Pre-Mix: Pietro Frigerio
Mix & Post production: Andrea Bonizzi & Paolo Baltaro at Pkmp Soho Studios- London
Mastering: Virgilio Rodriguez
Artwork: Andrea Bonizzi
Additional Artwork: Anita Verona
Label: Banksville Record



1. Dancer in the Dark
2. Drunk
3. Cliffhanger
4. Feel at Home
5. Again
6. Blue