FILIPPO, barker and improvised film director, born  2009, is a new member of S.A.D.O. as singer-barker.  He will share some bars and beats with Sandro, Paolo, Boris and Andrea as to improve new sounds and atmospheres as an effective new member. The band is growing. Filippo, as director, (it is not a joke, again), one day he stole an already running on record mode camera standing on the table and started running around Banksville Records building with the camera in his mouth. Even if the camera broke because of Filippo's  teeth, it survived enough minutes  to give us a good long scene to make a new S.A.D.O.'s video. The song we used for the video is Brano Maturo, Serio e Responsabile, taken from our latest record Weather Underground (Banksville Records, 2010) where Filippo already performed for the very first time in a S.A.D.O's song.

Listen to the songs where Filippo already performed with S.A.D.O. (studio recordings) or watch to the video.

1.. Brano Serio Maturo e Responsabile 

Camera and director: Filippo



2.. Flaming  (available soon for a new upcoming compilation by Mellow Records)